Nesharim Leading Energy


Located next to the Nesher cement factory in Ramla, the Nesharim power plant became operational in 2010 and currently supplies most of the factory’s energy. It is a combined cycle natural gas plant with a capacity of 120 MW.

A licensed energy provider since 2014, Nesharim offers a competitively priced, reliable power supply to a range of customers in Israel.

  • The power plant has two gas-turbine units (48 MW each) and one 25 MW steam-turbine unit.
  • Nesharim Leading Energy has all the necessary permits and licenses for an Israeli power plant operator: two energy production licenses (conventional and independent production) and a provider’s license, which allows the company to sell energy to its customers. Through the power plant, the company provides affordable energy for its select clientele in Israel.
  • Combined cycle units use the heat from gas turbine emissions to make steam. The heat recovery steam generators then power the steam turbine, which increases the plant’s efficiency by producing more energy from the same amount of fuel.
  • The steam is condensed using an air-cooled condenser, which saves significant amounts of water and wastewater treatment compared to wet condensers.
  • The plant also has two chillers installed, with a total cooling capacity of 3,800 tons. The chillers cool the air entering the gas turbine to ensure the plant continues to run at full capacity even in Israel’s hot weather. When ambient temperature is high, gas turbines with no means of cooling usually lose much of their capacity.
  • The Nesharim power plant has a unique eco-friendly feature: brackish water, a byproduct of the plant’s operation, is routed into the nearby Nesher factory and used in the cement production process, resulting in considerable water and wastewater treatment savings.